All children at The Globe are encouraged to be leaders of their learning. All children are expected to be responsible members of our school community and to contribute positively.

There are exciting and very specific roles for the children to hold to increase and develop their roles and influence with their school community. Intentionally, there are a range of elected, selection process based and voluntary roles. This enables opportunities for all, whilst reflecting ‘real life’ processes which the children will face in their exceptional futures.

Simply speaking, we do all we do in our school for the benefit of our children. Learner Voice is one way of us establishing the impact of all actions around all areas of school life and particularly for us:

  • new learning;
  • curriculum experience;
  • experiences and feelings;
  • feeling safe.

Additionally, it gives children a way in which to feel part of their school in terms of suggesting ideas to move our school forward in different ways.

We collect and evaluate learner voice through:

  • learning conversations on learning walks;
  • feedback they might provide in their books;
  • talking to children on the playground and around our school;
  • learner leaders talking to their peers.

Sometimes children need a little bit of extra support in school to help them to be able to learn in the best way they can. School adults help children to record their views and feelings and to share these with adults who look out for them outside of school.