Welcome to Chartwells. We cultivate a love of fantastic food through exceptional school catering services, each brought to life by the passionate, values-driven teams at Primary Schools.

Every day, we connect thousands of pupils and students across the UK to wholesome food and memorable moments, with school food catering that inspires healthy, sustainable behaviours we hope will last a lifetime.


Holiday Return Menu

At the beginning of each new term (and after a half term/Bank Holidays), Chartwells may be unable to serve the advertised menu for the first day or first two days of the new week. To enable the advertised menu to be supplied Chartwells need access to a school during the holiday period. Where access is not available the Holiday Return Menu is provided.
Day 1: Jacket Potato with a choice of cheese or tuna mayo.
Day 2: Jacket Potato with sausage and baked beans or cheese, sweetcorn and beetroot salad, peach slices with custard, milk or water.

Please visit www.mealselector.co.uk or phone 01243 836130