Since October 2016 The Globe has adopted the ‘White Rose Schemes of Learning’ from Reception to Year 6.  This allows teachers to teach key concepts over longer periods of time, with the aim of embedding fundamental understanding before moving on to the next unit of work.  In order for pupils to be able to master the taught content, multiple opportunities for reasoning, problem solving and intelligent practice are provided for children to engage with.  Development of higher level thinking skills, through deeper, open-ended problems also enables rapid-grasping pupils to develop mastery with greater depth.

Blocks of learning

For each year group, the scheme of learning includes an overview of the maths that your child should be learning at any point in the year. Each year is split into the three terms (Autumn, Spring and Summer), and each term comprises individual blocks of learning about a particular topic. Many of these blocks have a particular focus on building and developing number skills.  These include: place value; the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and fractions (moving on to decimals and percentages in Key Stage 2). These important core skills lay solid foundations for more complicated learning later on and provide children with the fundamental understanding and confidence in maths in preparation for transition to Secondary school and beyond.

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The Small Steps

Each block of mathematical knowledge and understanding is separated into a series of small learning steps. Together, these small steps cover all the curriculum content that your child needs to know.

Brain science tells us that by learning maths in small, related chunks, your child will remember more. The progress between these small steps has been built on the best available research to map out the crucial learning steps that will help your child to understand clearly what they are learning.

Supportive Online/Remote Learning

Since March 2020 White Rose Maths have produced online learning videos for every single small step. As a school we have used these very successfully to promote online learning throughout the school closures of 2020-21.

By sharing these videos (and the supportive powerpoint and worksheets that go alongside them) via our Google classroom platform, we have been able to teach our maths curriculum through a more ‘blended’ style of learning, reducing the disruption to learning caused by both whole school and individual ‘bubble’ closures.

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